Focus on what matters most and enjoy your outdoor activity without the stress from low battery.

The Apollo ToGo is the perfect companion for your next adventure.


Apollo ToGo charges any 5V USB appliance like your smartphone, GoPro, and more.


Apollo ToGo is not compatible for direct charging of some Apple's products.

In order to use Apollo ToGo with Apple's product, it is recomended to perform the solar charging to a power bank and then charge the product.

Apollo ToGo

SKU: OG622003
    • 9.5W of Apollo Power’s unique technology for flexible, efficient solar film.
    • Especially lightweight. Just 228 grams (0.5pounds), 53% lighter than leading competitors on the market. You won’t even feel it on your backpack.  
    • Reinforced eyelets and two carabiner snap hooks, so you can hang the Apollo To Go anywhere.
  • 12 months warranty