Apollo Film

revolutionizing the energy market by transforming any surface under the sun into an energy source

Apollo Film



Low Cost





Apollo Film

The solution for various markets and applications:

Off-grid applications

Where standard PV ends, we start

Apollo Film is an energy source for off grid areas.

Apollo Film can be combined with solar home systems in off grid markets, to produce and store energy.

Apollo Film is also suitable for outdoor uses and portable needs.


Electric vehicles are expected to reach 125 Million in 2030, according to JP Morgan

Its sleek design, light weight and durability to vibration, all at low cost, makes Apollo Film the solution for the automotive industry.

The synergy between Apollo Film and electric vehicles will reduce CO2 emissions and add travel range without the need of infrastructures.

Floating Solar

Innovative and advance approach to produce electricity on the surface of water bodies

Vast areas of water bodies worldwide are used as PV plants. Limited current solutions are rigid large floaters for standard PV panels. Global potential, under conservative assumptions, is 400 GW, according to the World Bank.

Quick and simple installation and maintenance, low logistic costs and durability to waves makes Apollo Film an advance solution for floating solar.

Buildings integrated and roads

Future Market